China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD attaches great importance to your personal information protection, and will do its best to secure your personal information. This policy is applicable to the Internet services provided by China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD based on this website. Please read carefully and comprehend this personal information protection policy before using the services provided on this website.

1. How we collect and use your personal information

Personal information refers to all kinds of information recorded electronically or in other ways that can be used alone or in combination with other information to identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person. China Mobile Internet of Things Limited will collect and use your personal information only for the following purposes stated in this Policy:  

(1). In order to provide better services to you, China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD will follow the principle of "legal, rightful and necessary" and collect your personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and your consent. Personal information includes:

a. Information provided by you

relevant personal information you provided to us when you register as our user or use our service, which including your name, gender, age, address, telephone number, email address, id number and contact information etc.. It means that we are authorized to use the above information as long as you are using our website services. When you cancel the account, we will stop using the above information.
b. Information generated during using the services
When you use our services, we might automatically collect the following information:
(1).Log information refers to the technical information that might be automatically collected by the system through cookies, web beacons or other ways when you use our services,which including: a. Device or software information, such as configuration information, your IP address and the version and identification code of your mobile device provided by your mobile devices, web browser or other programs you use to access our services; B. The information that you search for and browse when using our service, such as the search keyword used or the page visited, and other information you browse or require to be provided when using our service;
(2). Location information refers to the information about your location that we collected when you activate the positioning function of the device and use our location-based services. For example, when you use our services through mobile devices with positioning function, your geographical location information we collected through GPS or WiFi. You can stop our collection of your geographical location information at any time by deactivating the positioning function.
(3). Ordering information refers to the records generated when you order value-added services or purchase goods through this website, such as order relationship records, consumption records, etc.
(4). Mobile account information refers to the login account information of your mobile phone. For example, when you choose to use your mobile phone account to log into our services, we will acquire your mobile phone account and other relevant information.
3. Information about you Shared by third parties

To provide services for you, we may obtain relevant information about you from third-party sources such as affiliated companies, business partners, etc..
(3) We may use your personal information collected for the following purposes:

1. To provide services for you
(1) When we are providing service, used for ID verification, customer service, security, fraud surveillance, archiving and backup, to ensure the security of the products and services we provide to you;

(2) To help us design new services and improve our existing services through information data analysis;

(3) To enable us to better understand how you use our services, so as to Targeted to meet your personalized needs, such as language setting, location setting, customized helping services and instructions, or to respond to you and other users of our services in other aspects;

(4) When you use our services, we may use your information to send you E-mails, messages or pushes;

(5) To assess and improve the effectiveness of advertising, other promotions and marketing activities in our services;

(6) Software authentication or software upgrade management;

(7) To invite you to participate in the investigation of our products and services;

(8) Other circumstances in which you agree to provide your personal information.

2. After collecting your personal information, we will de-identify the data through technical approaches, and the de-identified information will not be enough to identify the subject. Please be informed and agree that we have the right to use the de-identified information under such circumstances. By abiding by relevant laws and regulations, we have the right to make comprehensive analysis of and make use of the user database, which includes your personal information.


3. We will ask for your permission in advance when we want to use the information for purposes not specified in this policy.


4. Please be fully aware that we do not need authorization to use your personal information under the following circumstances:


(1) Those pertaining to national security and national defense security;

(2) Those pertaining to public security, public health or major public interests;

(3) Those pertaining to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgment;

(4) For safeguarding the major legal rights and interests of the owner of the personal information or other individuals, such as life and property, but difficult to acquire the permission of the individual;

(5) The personal information collected is disclosed to the public by its owner;

(6) Collecting your personal information from legally disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure, etc.;

(7) Necessary for signing a contract in accordance with you requirement;

(8) Necessary for maintaining a safe and stable operation of the products and services provided, such as finding and handling faults of the products and services;

(9) Necessary for legal news reporting;

(10) Necessary for an academic research institution to conduct statistics or academic research for public interests; when providing the results of academic researches or descriptions to the public, personal information contained will be de-identified;

(11) Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

2How we use cookies and similar technologies

(a) the Cookie


To ensure that the website operates properly, we will store small data files called cookies on your computer or mobile device. Cookies typically contain identifiers, site names, numbers and characters. With the help of cookies, websites can store data such as your preferences or items in your shopping basket. We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this policy. You can manage or remove cookies based on your preferences. See About for more information. You can clear all cookies stored on your computer, and most web browsers have the function to block cookies. But if you do so, you will have to change the user settings yourself every time when you visit our site.


(b) Website beacons and pixel labels


In addition to cookies, we may also use other similar technologies such as website beacons and pixel labels on websites. For example, the email we send to you might contain a URL that links to our website. If you click the link, we will track the click to help us to understand your product or service preferences and improve customer service. A website beacon is usually a transparent image embedded in a website or email. With the help of pixel tags in an email, we can learn whether the email is read or not. If you do not want your activities to be traced in this way, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at anytime.


(c) Do Not Track


Many web browsers have a Do Not Track feature that allows you to send a Do Not Track request to the websites. At present, Major Internet standards Organization has not issued policies on how websites should respond to such requests. However, if your browser enables Do Not Track, all our websites will respect your choice.


3. How we share, transfer and disclose your personal information


(1) Sharing


We will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individuals other than China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD, except for below situation:


1. Sharing with express consent: after obtaining express consent from you, we will share your personal information with other parties.


2. We may share your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations or mandatory requirements from government authorities.


3. Sharing with our affiliates: your personal information may be Shared with our affiliates. We will only share the personal information that is necessary, which is bound by the purposes stated in this personal information protection policy. If the affiliated companies want to change the purpose of the personal information processing, they will seek your further authorization.

Our affiliates include companies or institutions and their legal successors that are currently or in the future controlled by China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD, that control China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD, and that share the same controller with China Mobile Internet of Things Co., LTD. "Control" means the ability to directly or indirectly influence the management of the company referred to, whether through ownership, voting shares, contracts or other means recognized by the people's court.

4. Sharing with authorized partners: for the purpose to realize the states in this policy only, some of our services will be provided by authorized partners. We may share some of your personal information with our partners to provide better customer service and user experience. We will share your personal information only due to lawful, legitimate, imperative, specific and definite purposes, and share only the personal information which is necessary for providing services. Our partners have no right to use the shared personal information for any other purposes.


We will sign corresponding confidentiality agreements with the companies, organizations and individuals we share personal information to and require them to process personal information in accordance with our instructions, this personal information protection policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.


(2) Assignment


We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual, except for below situations:


1. Assignment under your express consent: We will transfer your personal information to other parties after obtaining your express consent.


2. In case of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation, if personal information transfer is involved, we will ask the new company or organization holding your personal information to continue to be bound by this personal information protection policy; otherwise, we will ask the company or organization to re-seek your authorization.


(3) Public disclosure


We will only publicly disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:


1. With your express consent;


2. Disclosure based on law: we may publicly disclose your personal information under mandatory requirements from laws, legal procedures, lawsuits or government authorities.


4How we protect your personal information


(a) We will establish information security system and adapt technical measures and other necessary measures to protect your personal information security by strictly abiding by relevant laws and regulations, such as Network Safety Law, Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Strengthening the Protection of Internet information, Provisions on the Protection of the Personal Information of Telecommunications and Internet Users (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology instructions, NO. 24), Registration Rules for Real Identity Information of Telephone Users (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology instructions, NO. 25).


(b) We will only retain your personal information within the time required to achieve the objectives stated in this Policy. Unless need to extend the retention period or permitted by law.


(c) Please understand, the Internet environment is not 100% secure, and we will try our best to ensure the security of any information you send to us. However, due to technical limitations and possible malicious means, we cannot always guarantee 100% security of information even if we do our best to strengthen security measures. After the unfortunate occurrence of personal information security incidents, we will timely inform you, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, of the basic situation and possible impact of security incidents, the measures we have taken or will take to deal with them, suggestions that you can prevent and reduce risks independently, remedial measures for you and so on. We will timely inform you of the relevant situation of the event through mails, letters, phone calls, pushes, etc.. If it is difficult to inform the owner of personal information one by one, we will take a reasonable and effective way to publish the announcement. At the same time, we will actively report the disposition of personal information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of the supervision authorities.


5. Your rights


1. You have the right to query and revise your personal information after logging into this website, except required by laws and regulations.


2. You may request us to delete your personal information in the following circumstances:


(1) If our handling of personal information violates laws and regulations;

(2) If we collect and use your personal information without your permission;

(3) If our handling of personal information violates our agreement with you;

(4) If you no longer to use our products or services, or you cancel your account;

(5) If we no longer to provide products or services to you.

When you remove information from our service, we may not immediately remove the corresponding information in the backup system, but we will remove the information when the backup updates.

3. After you cancel your account, we will stop providing products or services to you and delete your personal information according to your requirements, Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations


6How we handle the personal information of minors


1. We attach great importance to the protection of the minors' personal information. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain written consent of your parents or legal guardian before using our service. We will protect the personal information of minors in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.


2. For the collection of minors' personal information with the consent of parents or legal guardians, we will only use or publicly disclose such information when permitted by law, explicitly authorized by parents or guardians, or necessary for protecting minors.


3. If we find that we have collected the personal information of minors without verifiable consent of parents or legal guardians, we will try to delete relevant data as soon as possible.


7. How your personal information is transferred globally


In principle, the personal information we collect and generate within the territory of the People's Republic of China will be stored in the territory of the People's Republic of China. If we need to make overseas transfer, we will obtain your further authorization. In this case, we will ensure the security of your personal information by following this policy.

8. How this policy updates


Our personal information protection policy may change. Without your express consent, we will not reduce your rights under this policy. We will notify you of any changes to this policy. Under such circumstances, continuing to use our services means that you agree to be bound by the revised privacy policy.


9How to contact us


If you have any doubts, opinions or suggestions about this personal information protection policy, you can contact us at any time by calling customer service hotline, logging into the website, etc.. We will actively check, dispose and reply as soon as possible.