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View Specified Cache Command Details

Request Method: GET


uuid: cache command ID

http Header

Parameter Name Format Required Description
api-key string yes must be masterkey or apikey with access authority of the device

url Parameter

Parameter Name Format Required Description
imei string yes identity code of nbiot device

Return Parameter

Parameter Name Format Description
errno int code for call error , 0 indicates call is successful
error string error description, "succ" indicates call is successful
data json cache command related information returned after successful interface call, see data description table
data Description Table
Parameter Name Format Description
type string command type
args json interface http parameter in type set by "type"
content json interface http content in type set by "type"
create_time string command creation time
valid_time string time for command to take effects
expired_time steing time for command to expire
send_time string command send time
send_status int sending status
confirm_time string response time
confirm_status string response status
cmd_result json json result returned by type interface successfully

send_status status:

1. Command waiting (wait)
2. Command canceled (cancle)
3. Command is sent to device (send)
4. Command expired (expired)
5. Send Command issued successfully (success)
6. Send Command failed (failed)
7. Other undefined errors (undefined)

confirm_status description:

0. SUCCESS (command execute success)
1. METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED (object or resource does not allow this operation) 
2. FORBIDDEN (terminal unregistered)
3. NOT_FOUND (no object or resource was found)
4. INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR (device response code error, etc.)
5. TIME_OUT (device response timeout)
6. REQ_PARAM_ERROR (request parameter error)
7. RESP_ERROR (device response message error)
8. UNAUTHORIZED (access not allowed)
9. BAD_REQUEST (request format error, such as short of parameter or code, etc.)
10. NOT_ACCEPTABLE (no preferred message format can be returned)
11. UNSUPPORTED_CONTENT_FORMAT (the specified message format not supported)

Example of Request

GET*** HTTP/1.1
api-key: WhI*************v1c=

Example of Return

    "errno": 0,
    "data": {
        "create_time":"2017-08-28 11:34:58",
        "valid_time":"2017-08-28 11:34:58",
        "expired_time":"2017-08-28 11:34:58",
        "send_time":"2017-08-28 11:34:58",
        "send_status": 5,
        "confirm_time": "2017-08-28 11:34:58",
        "confirm_status": "SUCCESS",
    "error": "succ"

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