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Urban Fire Monitoring

Aims at problems of fire fighting reconstruction and adding fire fighting facilities in old, used, small and scattered places, to solve the problems of deployment, management and maintenance of fire alarm equipment, and guarantee fire safety of residents.

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Animal Husbandry

Around the problems such as difficulty in monitoring dairy cows' estrus, information transmission is not timely, Product usage complexity and high price, etc.. Based on wireless communication, IoT and other technological method, to launch animal husbandry IoT solution

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Smart Parking Solution

Aims at traditional parking application scenario, make use of smart parking service management platform, unified payment platform, big data analysis platform, combined with IoT technology advantages, launch smart parking solutions.

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Smart Manhole Cover

Based on IOT advantages technologies such as sensors, GIS, computer networks and wireless communications, the Company launched smart manhole cover solutions to solve problems such as backward management and control methods, high operation and maintenance costs and high security risks etc.

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Smart Restaurant

Smart Restaurant Solution, an electronic ordering system that combines traditional recipes with wireless information ordering, provides end-to-end professional scene services for catering trade.

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Smart Street Light

With NB-IoT technology, IoT and cloud computing technology and mobile phone APP, realize remote centralized control and management on street light, improve public lighting management level, save power resources, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase additional revenue.

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Smart PV

With the most advanced automatic control, network communication and software technology, to obtain PV terminal data in a real-time manner, realize information monitoring, smart remote management, energy consumption trend assessment on photovoltaic device, and rational management and optimization of energy resources.

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Sharing Economy

Use IoT technology to enable the unified operation and precise control of shared terminals, and to build visual management system to achieve revenue and operation statistics and analysis and multi-scenario applications.

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Optical Box Monitoring

With the IoT-related technologies, it adopts a new mode of smart, networked and spatial visualization management on optical box, improves the management process of optical box, timely discover optical box anomalies, achieve rapid positioning, remote unpacking, and improve efficiency and level of operator integrated management

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Dust Monitoring

By IoT technology, collect dust data to cloud platform, enable the administrator to realize real-time data management, so that the competent departments of dust pollution sources can truly implement the joint prevention and control of urban dust pollution sources.

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